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where people come together to build a Happy Community.

Life Coach

Feeling Lost and Unsure about what to do next? Our Life Coach is here to listen.

Daily Virtual and Guided Meditation

Chakra Meditation

Every Thursdays conducted by
HH SwamiGuru (Dr Sekar Jaganathan)

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Clarity Blog

Our heart, our emotional chamber

As part of guiding a Zoom-room full of participants through Chakra Meditation, HH SwamiGuru also explains about why we are balancing and activating our chakras,

Be Kind to yourself

After months of being in lockdown, many desk-bound, sofa-loving, or even marathon binge-watching folks, welcome this reopening and opportunity to stretch their limbs, creaky joints

Conscious actions to keep healthy

We live in complicated times. You may have learnt from the news and friends and family, about a virus outbreak that the World Health Organization