After months of being in lockdown, many desk-bound, sofa-loving, or even marathon binge-watching folks, welcome this reopening and opportunity to stretch their limbs, creaky joints and stiff muscles.

I called my wellness centre for a good accupressure session last week, and have yet to hear back from them about an available slot.
And, that’s the beauty about our physical body.
When our muscles, limbs, and physical bodies have been neglected, it will send ‘signals’ in small or not so small ways – muscles that ache, limbs that are sore, joints that aren’t so well-oiled as before, and various other little physical ailments will appear.
We immediately spring into action to try set it right – by booking sessions with chiropractors or naturopathy (pick modality of your choice) therapists. Dally walks at the park. Some even think they need to lose weight and start some exercise regime.

But, how do we tell when our mental and emotional health needs regular maintenance?

Regular pick ups?

All this leads to other questions, and here are the top 3 which I can think of for now:

  • How do we detect potential depression that can happen due to social isolation and not being able to touch and hug another human being, or loved ones who are far away?
  •  How do we grief when dear and loved ones suddenly depart this mortal coil and we are hundreds of miles away?
  • How do we detect the signs of depression and stress, when there is close and constant proximity with very strained relations?

 Just like our physical health, our emotional and mental health is important, too. Just because there aren’t spas or wellness centres, it does not mean our emotional and mental health is any less significant.

Our emotional and mental health contributes to our overall wellbeing and wellness.

 And that means our Happiness, too.

So be Kind to Yourself.

* Walk away from negativity and negative events

* Be distant from unhappiness

* Watch your thoughts

* Talk to someone Trusted