It has been a good few months since HH SwamiGuru began Chakra Meditation sessions every Thursday evening.

There is a good gathering of the community and during one recent session about the Solar Plexus, SwamiGuru wanted to highlight changes that we are starting to see with each of ourselves.

He explained, “Over time, the chakra meditation is slowly changing the mind, and you are absorbing more information that is relevant to you to get yourself much more balanced than before.”

From how I understand it, we absorb new information about our chakras or energy centres, and we are aligning it with our own character, as well as aligning it and understanding other people who have similar characteristics of a particular chakra.

This overall helps us manage and understand these individuals better.

“Chakra meditation helps you understand yourself better, and helps you understand your environment better. It’s like looking at the same wall in your house, or the same environment in your house… but it seems brighter and there is more clarity,” SwamiGuru had explained.

From what I understand as well, when your chakras are in balance, all your five senses will work better… even to the extent you have more consciousness and are able to smell better, taste better and even sense much finer sensations on your skin.

You technically become more sensitive to your environment.

“So keep up the practice because in a physical, spiritual and mind sense, you are evolving,” SwamiGuru said.