Chakra meditation sessions are still happening online and we are grateful for the opportunity to reach a community that extends all the way to Indonesia, and even Scotland.

In the last issue, we shared about meditation benefits and some of the changes that our community is seeing in themselves.

HH SwamiGuru had said, “You technically become more sensitive to your environment. So keep up the practice because in a physical, spiritual and mind sense, you are evolving.”

In essence, meditation aids one in becoming empowered, because as one continues the meditation practice, one will be able to understand every environment that they find themselves in.

“Rather than allowing the circumstances to affect you, you understand the circumstances of the environment. And you will know how to manage it as you go from managing the mind, to managing many different circumstances in an environment.”

And that’s what being empowered means – to know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it right, he said. In that sense, it becomes important to balance the solar plexus energy centre via chakra meditation.

HH SwamiGuru explained: The subconscious mind is affected in two ways – when people give you experiences that you don’t own (do not belong to you), for example they talk about their trauma and warn you against doing certain things, without you going through the experience yourself – you believe it is the truth.

These are non-traumatic truths but they are negative because they are limiting your potential.

There are also traumatic experiences which defines your thought processes. This happens when people affect you, or you are emotionally affected.There would be pain in the heart centre, which over time may be forgotten about, but is still there. And it goes down to the solar plexus and affects your gut feeling.

“So, the solar plexus is important because all our trauma that we carry is deep rooted in it,” HH SwamiGuru said.

To manage this trauma, H2L conducts Chakra Meditation sessions as well as LET’s Release sessions, that can help to cleanse and balance this energy centre. Find out about these sessions here.