One evening, HH SwamiGuru’s meditation session began with a conversation about energy vibrations. Here is what I understood about what he shared. 

The energy aura that surrounds each of us, is not separate from atmospheric energy. One way to think of it is, is that we are all in an aquarium that is filled with gel. That gel represents the energy that is between ourselves and others. 

With this analogy in mind, we can start to understand how our thinking and our actions creates opportunities or hurdles for ourselves. 

When we have positive energy, and a very strong and happy outlook of life, our aura energy also resonates with this positivity. 

When we resonate with this positivity, the gel that surrounds us, starts to become like liquid. The positivity that we resonate dilutes the gel around us. We move forward easily and without any friction. Not only that, but we also experience an abundance of good things. Good things can flow easily our way as we travel upon this path called ‘life.’ 

Goodness will attract goodness. The energy (gel) that exists between all of us is the conductor of our thoughts and actions, be it good or bad. 

When we are negative and full of negative emotions, a reverse process happens to the gel around us. The gel becomes as hard as bricks. We find it difficult to move anywhere because the hard gel keeps us in place. Good things can’t flow into our paths, and everything we try to do can’t be achieved without a high hurdle to overcome first. 

Sometimes, positive people come into our lives. When they do, we can wiggle around a little because they are softening the gel around us. We may feel good for a while. But if our mind goes back to its old way of thinking, the gel or energy around us creates obstructions in our way, once more. 

You may have come across negative people who only talk about everything that is wrong with the world, and cry and moan. All of this does not get them anywhere. Nothing can change. They will just remain where they are. 

So, if you find yourself doing the same, get out of the vicious cycle, while you can. It could be suffocating you and holding you back from living your life successfully, but you do not realise it. 

Our heart and our energy centres 

You can ‘soften’ your aura with positivity and attract goodness into your life. It is possible. And it has all to do with the mind. 

Your mind can disrupt or affect your heart, and it is what we hold in our heart that affects our upper and lower energies which expands into our aura.

The heart is a very powerful tool. It is an emotional chamber that can change your life. But it needs to have one thing in it – love. And the result of that should be happiness.

All the other emotions that come are experiential. 

“If you are feeling happy, enjoy that happiness. If you are feeling frustrated, deal with it at that very moment. Your heart is not a storage disk. This is what we mean by ‘living in the moment.’ Deal with the negative emotion, and let it go,” SwamiGuru said. 

In summary, immediately deal with any discomfort that you feel and throw any negative emotions out of our hearts. Do not fill your lives with it. Keep the chamber full with happiness and moments of happiness. 

Joining our online and on-site meditation sessions is one way of surrounding yourself with good and positive vibrations, besides balancing and activating our energy centres. Not to mention, SwamiGuru shares nuggets of wisdom we can apply so that the ups and downs of life are not so intense for us to manage.