Fire Cleansing

Clear and release that which hinders you from your full experience of life.

This is the opportunity to cleanse your subtle or energy body. While it may be easy to wash and cleanse your physical body, the energy body, your aura, will accumulate years of negativity and energy toxins. 


Mingle, and enjoy the camaraderie with old and new friends in a relaxed casual setting at our wellness centre.

What do our participants say?

I had the opportunity to attend one of the H2L events, the fire cleansing session. What really attracted me to it was the fact that it was an outdoor session and the element of cleansing and burning away negative energies to create a pathway for a new purpose. As I walked around the fire with the salt and cleaned each one of my chakras, I felt a release of unwanted negative energies. The music touched my inner and the fire tingled and warmed my skin and body. With a flower in my hand towards the end and being grateful to Divine for making it happen for me. The session was brilliant, with so much engagement with everyone, and so much laughter and joy as we danced in the hall after the session. In addition, we had a lovely barbecue and time to mingle with the friendly H2L family and new friends. A WOW experience and a memorable one. I left feeling happy, fresh, and rejuvenated.

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Fire Cleansing: RM75