Empowering us to let go of whatever is holding us back from achieving our full potential.

Our fire cleansing session purifies and releases negative energies and emotions. Participants gather around a roaring bonfire, symbolizing both the transformative power of fire and the communal spirit of the gathering. As the flames dance and crackle, individuals are encouraged to reflect on their burdens, fears, and anxieties.

Throughout the session, our facilitator will lead a mindfulness and visualization practice to help participants connect with the cleansing power of the fire. As the bonfire continues to burn, the energy of the group harmonizes with the elemental force, creating a collective intention for purification and renewal

Our upcoming Fire Cleansing events

It can be a catalyst for personal growth and self-awareness by addressing and releasing emotional baggage or limiting beliefs

What do our participants say?

I found it very useful as it helped me understand myself and helped me make decisions on things that I am unsure of. Provides clarity of mind.
Came with no expectations, so the results are surprising and refreshing.
“Gratitude of Life (GOL) is a sublime experience, I never miss it. The energies, the cleansing, is literally inside and out! Giving gratitude to the Divine for all the good things going on, and most importantly, setting our goals and intentions is powerful during this session – I will think of my happy family and better business income, and things always work out for us.”