sense of freedom

Sense of Freedom

2D / 1N of deep introspection, cleansing, and gratitude will truly enhance your Life’s Journey henceforth, with balance and a clear vision for the way ahead.

This retreat includes unique sessions, such as fire cleansing and trauma release. You will also take part in a powerful ocean manifestation, to bring more positivity into your life.

Seeking to get empowered in the space of 2 days?

  • 3-4 June 2023

  • Saturday, 4.00pm to Sunday, 11.00am

  • Port Dickson

This retreat will, within 24 hours, allow you to:

Cleanse and energize yourself mentally, physically and spiritually.

Let go of whatever that is holding you back from achieving your full potential

Express your Gratitude to the Universe and set your goals with heightened manifestation ability!

Energy exchange
RM 225 only

Overnight accommodation will be at own cost and arrangement; you may contact us for suggestions.

  • +6017-678 9626 (Nisha)
  • +6012-310 0301 (Happiness 2 Life)